Galaxy 2

G'POWER kayak paddles made for professionals.

Our passion and many years of experience in flatwater kayaking enabled our Company to design extraordinary paddles for the most demanding athletes. High quality, low weight, high endurance and excellent characteristics, made it possible for our products to gain trust, both from superb athletes and trainers in a very short time. In the first year of the Company's existence, the athletes using G'POWER paddles won medals in the World Cup, the World and European Championships.
Our paddles are made from the best available carbon graphite fibres, together with highest quality epoxy resins.

One of the finest paddles available, with Blade and Shaft moulded as one piece with adjustment from 210-220cm in length.

G Power QNECT 3 Anodised Lever Lock

Ideally suited to flat water & ocean ski racing

Small and Medium Blade size 725/750 cm2

Medium Shaft stiffness 100% Carbon content

Supplied with padded paddle bag

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