New Epic V10 Gen 4

Type: Surfski

Vendor: Epic

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Advanced performance, phenomenal comfort, and cutting-edge design. These elements define the all-new Gen 4 V10. The Epic V10 ignited a revolution in surfski design when introduced in 2005 and the newest version continues the legendary performance on the water thanks to innovative R&D and two decades of experience in the rapidly evolving world of ocean surfski racing.  We added features of the latest Epic V12 that paddlers rave about into the newest V10, creating a more user-friendly model that allows more people to excel and experience the thrill of surfski paddling. Sharing the unique bow shape of the Gen 3 V12, the Gen 4 V10 surfs like a dream, rising up after slicing into a wave, and is less affected by cross winds. With the streamlined bow and a greater rocker profile, the new V10 gives the best downwind performance of the V10 series yet! 



Stability has improved over previous V10 versions, giving you full confidence to apply power in downwind conditions – essential for taking another stroke and catching the wave of the day! Improved seat ergonomics put the paddler in a more upright position while the lower hump height allows more effective leg drive. The seat width is similar to the Gen 3 V10, giving just enough hip room for those that need it, while still keeping you well-centered in the bucket.


As Epic’s legacy surfski model, the V10 continues to evolve and make waves around the world. We have created a unique, nimble boat for advanced/intermediate skilled paddlers that doesn’t require elite level stability skills. Take your paddling to the next level with the Gen 4 V10. 

The Gen 4 V10 will fit paddlers approximately 5’2” in height to 6’8”.  The foot brace extends longer than previous V10 model and can accommodate paddlers with long legs better than any other surski in the Epic lineup! 


Length: 20'   (6.1 m)
Width:  18.1"   (46 cm)
Depth:  13.5"   (34 cm)
Capacity: 300 lbs.  (135 kg)
Paddler fit: 5’2” to 6’8” (1.57 m to 2.03 m) 


    11.7 Kg - $5,250
    • Nomex honeycomb core
    • A composite hybrid of Kevlar fabric, carbon fiber and fiberglass
    • Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy
    • Red bow & stern 

    10.6 Kg - $5,850
    • Nomex honeycomb core
    • 3K carbon fabric
    • Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy
    • Grey gel coat with white bow & stern

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